I'm Brad, Associate Creative Director at Possible in Cincinnati.

With 10+ years of digital agency experience, I have worked on global brands such Gillette, Downy, Pearle Vision, Pampers, Timberland, Charmin, Fruit of the Loom, and Puffs. I push my team to never be satisfied, always look for the “wow” idea and love their work. I believe successful brands are built on relationships and hold the same true for agencies and clients.

After discovering a love for design, I spent three years in Graphic Design at Northern Kentucky University and then another five in Digital Design at the college of DAAP. While in school, I had the opportunity to work at the creative departments of Cintas in Chicago, Warner Brothers Online in Los Angeles, and Lippincott in New York City. 

After graduating I started immediately at Bridge Worldwide (now "Possible") where I worked my way up from Associate Designer to Associate Art Director. I then moved to LEAP as a Senior Art Director. While there I was promoted to Associate Creative Director and helped to grow the Cincinnati office from a two person office of creatives, to a twelve person multi-disciplinary office.

I am currently at Possible in Cincinnati where I am Associate Creative Director and creative lead on the Gillette team. I manage a team of 5 talented Art Directors, Copywriters and Designers.

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