Buffalo Wings & Rings Pitch Concepts

The Challenge

Overcome market dominance by Buffalo Wild Wings and combat other chains that don’t specialize in wings but offer faster service and may be better alternatives for the audience. Do this by focusing in on two key groups: Team Sports Leagues and The Lunchtime Crowd.

Role: Creative Direction



The Post-Game Show

Why should professional and collegiate athletes get all the glory? Why are they the only ones who get interviewed after a big game? What if everyone from little leaguers to high school athletes were able to give their thoughts on their athletic achievements? 

As the official post-game place to go for local sports teams, BW&R offers kids (and attention hungry adults) the opportunity to have their own post-game interview that they, and their parents, can share with family and friends. With a simple, branded backdrop, table, mic (fake) and a camera phone, kids are able to create an authentic feeling post game interview just like the pros. Next to each post game booth will be a set of pre-written questions that the “media” can ask the athletes after the game.

Set Your Line-up Early

After kids finish their game, they’re hungry. They’re full of energy and ready to go. The last thing parents want to worry about is sitting at a restaurant with loud, crazy kids waiting to order. When a full team of kids and parents come in, that process takes significantly longer. 

With this app, the coach or parents can order food under the team’s name and have the order ready to be sent in when they walk in the door.  Once the team arrives at the store, they check in and the pre-order is sent to the kitchen, cutting out the “settling down and ordering” phase of dinner.  
Pre-orders are given a % discount for each bill.

Buffalo In The Room 

People often like to go to lunch in groups. Those groups don’t always make quick decisions on where they’re going to go. If there were a large deal, literally staring them in the face, they’d have to take it. Right?

Every day our street team selects a few local businesses to rally the herd. They deliver a buffalo (cardboard cutout) that encourages people to bring more than themselves to lunch that day. The more people they bring in, the bigger the discount they get on their bill. The kicker…they need to bring the buffalo with them. 

It creates a sense of competitiveness within the office. “Who’s going to bring it first?” “How many people can we get?” “Who’s got a car big enough for this 5 foot buffalo? (just kidding it folds up.)

Convert The Pack 

People spend too much time at their desks these days. Working. Eating lunch. Working more. Working late. Saying people don’t make time for lunch would be a bit of an understatement. If they do happen to break away, it’s for fast food or more likely; they pack their lunch and stay in.

Send out flyers, emails and the tool kit to offices with a descriptive message about how to convert the packers into herders by giving them the tools to pull it off. Oh, and entice them with great deals for coming in. 
Tool Kit includes:
  • Fake brown bag lunches, filled with coupons. Put them in the fridge with “packers” names  on them.
  • Screen savers for your desktop (can also be put on other’s desktops when they’re away) 
  • Email/calendar event that blocks people’s calendars under the title “Important Meeting” 
  • Post-it note coupons with Buffalo Wings & Rings logos on them
  • Pop-up paper wings