Cafe Bustelo Pitch Work

The Challenge

Extend the cult of Café Bustelo to new markets (Chicago, Philadelphia, California, Texas). Café Bustelo is my community’s brand. I know it and I love it, and I want to be the first one to share it.

Role: Art Direction



Made For Each Other

There are some things we can’t help but be attracted to. A song. A place. A crush. You can’t explain what you’re feeling or why you’re feeling it. But it’s all good.  The moment you stepped in the door, you knew you had found your dream home. Or remember when you first heard that new band, and you rushed out to buy their new album at midnight? You couldn’t imagine listening to anything else. And sigh. Love at first sight…need we say anything more? Let’s revel in all of the positive energy that comes from beautiful, indefinable magnetism. Café Bustelo. I don’t know why I like you, but I like you. 


Here, Café Bustelo invites consumers to “fall in like,” no questions asked. By leveraging the existing passion for Café Bustelo as a source of intrigue, we bring new consumers into the family with a promise to be nothing but infectiously likeable.  

Pasa El Café

There’s no question. Coffee is a part of your life. Its flavor, its scent, its energy—it naturally leads you to good news. And the next best thing to good news is sharing that news with a friend. When you’ve got something this good, you want to pass it on to those who matter most. Get the fantastic feeling that comes from shouting from the rooftops. Go ahead and pasa el café. 


You know you love it. But did you know when you tell someone about it, that feeling gets even better? In this participatory campaign, Café Bustelo will be thought of as the champion for sharing goodness with those who matter most. Just try it and see how it feels. Share the love. Share the flavor.

Leave an Impression 

Remember that last party? You decided to try out a new jacket, just for fun. Next party, everyone was wearing one just like it.  You aren’t trying to be “cool.” You’re just doing your thing. But you make choices people want to mirror. 

When you leave the room, what do people remember? Choosing Café Bustelo is the shortcut to being perceived as not only the one in-the-know, but the one to know. 


This aspirational campaign will position the brand as a source for valuable social currency and inspire consumers to leave their mark in a “Café Bustelo” way.